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UFC Fight Night 158: Five Fights To Make

UFC Fight Night 158 flew under the radar following last weekends UFC 242 but nevertheless, it duly delivered. Headlined by a high-ranking … Read More

UFC 242: Five Fights To Make

28 fights into his MMA career and Khabib Nurmagomedov continues to be perfect. Submitting interim champion Dustin Poirier, and ending one of the … Read More

UFC Fight Night 157: Five Fights To Make

While UFC Fight Night 157 didn't kick into gear until it's more high-profile fights, the Chinese crowd were certainly sent home happy as they saw one … Read More

UFC 241: Five Fights To Make

UFC 241 promised enthralling match-ups and duly delivered as the three marquee bouts left fans on the edge of their seats. Starting with the hotly … Read More

UFC Fight Night 156: Five Fights To Make

The UFC's Uruguayan debut offered up some exciting fights and performances on Saturday night, but UFC Fight Night 156 will go down in the memory for … Read More

UFC on ESPN 4: Five Fights To Make

Both breaking and tying the record for consecutive and the most decisions on a UFC card respectively, UFC on ESPN 4 lulled for the most part before … Read More