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Report: Jon Jones facing battery charge after incident

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is set to face a battery charge from an alleged incident in April per a report from KRQE News in … Read More
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UFC on ESPN 4: Five Fights To Make

Both breaking and tying the record for consecutive and the most decisions on a UFC card respectively, UFC on ESPN 4 lulled for the most part before … Read More
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UFC on ESPN 4 Results: Dos Anjos vs. Edwards

Starting out the event with a record-breaking nine consecutive decisions, UFC on ESPN 4 burst into life before a breakthrough performance in the main … Read More
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UFC on ESPN 4: Preview and Predictions

The UFC heads to San Antonio this Saturday night with a fight card that boasts a lot of important match-ups. Headlined by a welterweight contest … Read More
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Dana White dismisses idea Conor McGregor will vie for lightweight title upon return

UFC president Dana White has dismissed talk of a title shot upon Conor McGregor's return to the Octagon. Speaking to TMZSports, White offered a … Read More
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Justin Gaethje vs. Donald Cerrone set for UFC Fight Night 158 main event

2019 has its front runner for the 'Fight of the Year' award. As confirmed by Yahoo Sports through UFC president Dana White, top lightweight … Read More
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