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UFC 257 Results: Poirier vs. McGregor II

Becoming the first man to defeat Conor McGregor with strikes, Dustin Poirier would get revenge for his 2014 loss to the Irishman and tie up their … Read More
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UFC 257: Preview and Predictions

The UFC's week-long trilogy of fight cards comes to an end this Saturday night with a blockbuster rematch in the lightweight division. Pitting … Read More
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Ottman Azaitar cut from UFC ahead of UFC 257 PPV

UFC lightweight Ottman Azaitar has been released by the UFC one day removed from an appearance on UFC 257's PPV event. The undefeated Azaitar (13-0) … Read More
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Khabib Nurmagomedov refutes Dana White’s claims: ‘Fights are not in my plans’

Coming days after UFC president Dana White's assertions that Khabib Nurmagomedov could be tempted back out of retirement, the current lightweight … Read More
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UFC on ESPN 20: Five Fights To Make

Providing a healthy appetizer before McGregor-mania takes ahold this weekend, UFC on ESPN 20 would allow some fighters under the radar to take the … Read More
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UFC on ESPN 20 Results: Chiesa vs. Magny

In what is fast becoming a trademark performance for Michael Chiesa at 170 lbs, 'Maverick' would fully showcase his grappling acumen to extend his … Read More
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