Days out from a proposed fight with Vicente Luque, Neil Magny has been withdrawn from this Saturday’s contest after being flagged by USADA for a positive out of competition drug test.

News broke earlier in the week that Magny would not be competing at UFC Fight Night 152 but no official reason was given for his absence. Taking the initiative himself however, Magny has revealed that he was flagged by USADA in a post on Instagram.

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As many of you know, I had to withdraw from my sceduled bout against Vicente Luque on Saturday, May 18th. I want to apologize to him, as I know how difficult it is to lose an opponent days out from a fight. Throughout my MMA career I have been very transparent. I am not afraid to admit when I am in the wrong. On Saturday, May 11, 2019, I recieved an email from USADA stating that I have been flagged due to an "out of competition drug test". The flag was due to a metabolite of the substance "Di-Hydroxy-LGD-4033". I have fully cooperated with USADA thus far to determine how this substance was found in the sample I provided them on May 5, 2019. I have always been an advocate for the strict drug testing in the UFC, even to the extent of opting for my collected samples to be used for research purposes by USADA. I know without a doubt that I have done everything according to the standards set by USADA. I have faith in USADA that this situation will resolved in a timely manner and that I will be cleared of any wrong doing. To all of my fans and supporters, thank you. I assure you that I have not let you down.

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In Magny’s statement, the current #13 ranked welterweight contender claimed that his positive result was due to a ‘metabolite of the substance “Di-Hydroxy-LGD-4033″‘.

LGD-4033 falls under the category of SARM’s (selective androgen receptor modulators) and holds similar properties to anabolic steroids which carries a two-year maximum suspension from USADA.

As a result of Magny’s removal from this Saturday’s Rochester, New York event, Vicente Luque (15-6-1) is now slated to take on promotional debutant Derrick Krantz (22-10).