The story of the underdog is popular in American and European folklore, dating back to the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood. From the humble beginnings of mixed martial arts, upsets have unseated famous champions delighting the fans and dismaying the bookies.

Dedicated MMA fans have witnessed thrilling bouts straight out of a Rocky montage and there have been numerous occasions where the underdog stuns the favourite. Shocking upsets inside of the Octagon are one of the most exciting features of the sport thanks to its unpredictable nature and those jaw-dropping events have created some truly memorable moments in the process.

As a homage to the underdog, here are the five biggest upsets in MMA history that shocked the world.

Honourable mentions to:

Rashad Evans def. Chuck Liddell, UFC 88

Cody Garbrandt def. Dominick Cruz, UFC 207

Amanda Nunes def. Cris Cyborg, UFC 232

Royce Gracie def. Everyone, UFC 1