UFC welterweight Darren Till has been reportedly fined and ordered to pay over £8,000 in reimbursements after a series of alleged incidents last week in Spain.

Per the Daily Mail citing Spanish newspaper El Dia, Till was fined more than £700 in a Spanish court after being sentenced for ‘damage and unauthorised use of a vehicle.’

Till and four others were arrested on Thursday in Tenerife after allegedly vandalizing a hotel room before driving off with a taxi as the owner loaded their luggage at another hotel.

El Dia reported that Till and those with him were kicked out of the Costa Adeje hotel after they were ‘smashing up furniture and emptying fire extinguishers’.

As a result of their arrest, the 26-year old and his friends were forced to pay £8,665 worth of damages to the hotel after reaching a plea deal per a court official.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the court official said: ‘Court of Investigation Number Four in Arona, acting as a duty court on Saturday, sentenced five British men for different incidents that occurred last Thursday.

‘The men admitted wrongdoing.’

Identifying Till by his initials D.T, he continued: ‘The sportsman D.T. and another man were sentenced as authors of a crime of damage and unauthorised use of a vehicle.

‘For the crime of damage, they were ordered to pay £415 each and for the crime of unauthorised use of a vehicle they were told to pay a fine of £310 each.

‘Together with the three other accused they were ordered to pay the hotel where they caused the damage £8,665 (€10,000).’