UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas has been scared to leave her house and head out in public places due to the effects Conor McGregor’s bus attack has left on her, according to trainer Trevor Wittman, the Mirror report.

McGregor was part of the group that stormed the Barclays Center back in April, searching for rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Irishman threw a trolley at the bus windows and in the end was arrested, charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

Pool/Getty Images News

The 30-year-old avoided a prison sentence for his role in the attack and is set to return to the Octagon against rival Nurmagomedov next month.

However, despite McGregor now free to return to the UFC, Wittman has recently revealed Namajunas’ ongoing struggles over the summer.

She doesn’t leave her house.

It’s still there. She doesn’t go in public places. When you’re in a public place and there’s people everywhere, you’re going to be like ‘Oh my god, what could happen?’

Like if you’re involved in a 9/11 bombing, it’s gonna be hard to be in a city scenario. Every time you get in an elevator you’re gonna think of it.

Namajunas hasn’t returned to the UFC since the attack, however, the 26-year-old is expected to be back next year to defend her championship.