Conor McGregor’s striking coach has told Floyd Mayweather it would be unwise to move into the UFC, reports the Express.

Mayweather has stated on numerous occasions he would like to enter the Octagon, saying any rematch with McGregor would have to be in an MMA setting.

Undefeated in 50 boxing fights, ‘Money’ isn’t short of confidence, but entering a new combat sport at the age of 41 would represent a different challenge.

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Owen Roddy, McGregor’s coach, has said it would be a poor decision to do so:

I think it’s a bad move for Floyd to get into the cage. I just think he doesn’t have enough time to learn what it takes to fight in the Octagon.

The legend of the ring has more recently deliberated whether he should enter the cage and knows if he did there would be a lot of money to be made from it.

The American would be a massive underdog for the first time in years if he decided to fight in the UFC, but the attention he would bring to the sport has made the organisation’s president Dana White giddy with excitement.