According to the Daily Mail, Conor McGregor is still causing plenty of trouble despite only being released from jail over the weekend.

The UFC fighter has been staying at a hotel in Manhattan and a person staying in a room nearby claims that he was causing trouble at the hotel.

The neighbour states that he was being extremely rowdy during his stay at the hotel.

There was an arrest warrant issued for McGregor last week after he threw a dolly at a bus which was filled with MMA fighters, severely injuring a few.

Pool/Getty Images News

Footage of McGregor racing towards the bus and attacking it was released on social media and disgusted many of his supporters.

The Irishman was keen to get face to face with Khabib Nurmagomedov but instead, he hurt several other fighters as the glass from the shattered window sprayed onto the coach.

McGregor’s $75,000 bail was paid by his bondsman Ira Judelson but he is still expected to be in severe trouble with the authorities.

UFC’s Dana White was absolutely disgusted with the actions of McGregor and publicly criticised the fighter for his behaviour, saying that it was totally unacceptable.

McGregor’s future in the UFC is now in doubt and he has been stripped of his lightweight title, which has been claimed by Khabib.

Both fighters are eager to face each other in the Octagon this year and it could be one of the biggest events in UFC history.