After threatening to retire if his request to face Yoel Romero in an interim middleweight title fight wasn’t granted, UFC president Dana White has decided to try and call Anderson’s Silva bluff by saying the Brazilian legend should probably retire.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, White quickly moved to squash any possibility of an interim title fight and outlined his history of dealing with Anderson Silva while suggesting that if the word ‘retirement’ left the Brazilian’s mouth, he most likely has one foot out the door.

“Every time for the last however many years, dealing with Anderson is always interesting,” White said. “Obviously, he wants an interim title – obviously, we’re not going to do an interim title. He’s definitely coming out publicly [with his demands]. You know my philosophy on that: If you ever say the ‘R’ word, you should probably do it, anyway. If you’re considering retirement, you should probably do it.”

White would then be pressed on the possibility of any middleweight interim fight and again reiterated his stance: “We will not do an interim title. It will not happen.”

The UFC president would continue: “Bisping’s ready, willing and able to fight the actual no. 1 contender, who is Yoel Romero.

“Anderson Silva is ranked No. 7 right now. If he’s willing to take the Romero fight for June — because he was supposed to fight Kelvin Gastelum. You know, Anderson’s mad. I didn’t pull Kelvin Gastelum out. Kelvin Gastelum smoked weed, and now he got busted, and you know we’ve done everything we could to make another fight for Anderson. It’s nothing we did.”